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The Silent Grief, Disenfranchised Grief

The silence grief, disenfranchised grief! Have you ever experienced deep emotional pain from a change or loss that feels silenced, because it feels unsafe or unacceptable to be spoken about as it is not acknowledged or recognized? When grief cannot be openly...

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Understanding Personality

Nurture and nature and the two foundational themes in  understanding our human psychology. Nurture refers to the role of beliefs we take on about ourselves and the world often from what is role modelled to us as a child. Core foundational become our data bases and the...

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Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6pm.

Out of hours appointments are available upon request, however need to be arranged in office hours.

The answering machine is often on when Kate is in session so please clearly leave your name and number so your call can be returned.

The Jesmry Counselling Services office is located in Thurgoona, Albury, NSW.

Skype sessions are available upon request for Australian and International clients.