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If you think a thought and then pause there is a part of you who can witness the mind thinking the thought. Who is this part of you who can witness the mind?

If you ask yourself if you love a beloved family member or friend there is a knowingness that it is true, and you may note it doesn’t involve the mind figuring out the answer. Who is this part of you that ‘knows’ when something is truly true?

It is actually ‘you’, the True Self often referred to as your heart.

In our humanity we have a physical body, the mental body (the mind), the emotional body, (our feelings) and we have the spiritual self which is really our True Self.

Ultimately our True Self is innately whole, innocent and beautiful and this can never be lost, although it can be obscured from our view and experiences by our fears, wounds and trauma’s and consequent patterns and habits.

The only real path to experience joy, peace, freedom and happiness is by hearing and following the inner heartfelt voice of the True Self.

Our journey to experience the True Self more in our everyday lives and to live authentically requires that we take responsibility to heal our fearful beliefs, self doubt, wounds and trauma’s and consequent unhealthy and unloving behaviours. And we have the power to do this. This is our primary relationship. When this is a healthy relationship other relationships you experience have the opportunity to become very real, healthy and happy. Without this we can be caught in unhealthy dynamics that sabotage what we truly want.

Our health and wellbeing are also linked to living in congruence with our True Self. When this is compromised through fears it plays havoc with our emotional, mental and physical health and well being. Many illnesses such as depression and anxiety are linked to a suppression of the True Self or a suppression of expressing the voice of the True Self. This suppression often stems from fears such as the fear of being judged, causing conflict, reprisal, being shunned, exposed, rejected and/ or  from unhealed trauma and abuse where the nervous system remains activated or easily activated and to survive the human brain and nervous go into survival mode. We can heal from fears, wounds and trauma.

It is so also truly supportive in our everyday lives to have coconscious awareness of who we really are e.g. in practical decision making and in discerning empowered choices so as to begin to live a truly inspired life.

A bit on history:

This part of us that truly knows, the True self has been called many names over time e.g. the real self, the authentic self, the transcendental self, soul and so on.

Notions about self have been a subject reflected upon for many centuries. The French philosopher Rene Descartes believed that there was a real essential self that could think and look out upon the world which was located in the body but was not physical. Carl Rogers theorised that there is a real self who consists of one’s self perceptions and the ideal self which represents the self we would like to be. Carl Jung saw the self as a whole, the centre of personality which unifies the ego and both the conscious and subconscious mind. Rinpoche sees the self in Buddhism in terms of there being two minds. The first is the ordinary mind which is the thinking mind and the second being the innermost essence which remains untouched and unchangeable. In many mystical teachings and philosophies the True Self is seen as the eternal Essence of Love.

The Paradox:

This ‘knowing’ True Self is often accessed through ‘not knowing’ which presents as a paradox until we come to realise humbly that our thinking mind ‘does not know’ than this allows us to soften, supported by breath into the feeling aspect of self where we can access what feels to be truly true. Go ahead right now and take a deep belly breath and feel what feels true for you.

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