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We have all had life experiences where we have felt inspired, motivated and empowered and have been able to work effectively and efficiently, as well as times when we have felt down, unmotivated and struggled to perform the basic tasks of life.

‘Inner power is the inner zest or life-force we feel within ourselves’.

In psychology what we believe and think plays a key role in how we feel and how we behave. Underpinning every thought and belief there are only two core energies or motivating forces – love or fear. Self loving, constructive and practical thinking fuels up our inner power, motivational energy and resilience, while fearful and negative thinking steals it away. 

Caring for ourselves by consciously choosing loving thoughts, beliefs, and practical self nurturing strategies builds our inner power, motivational energy and resilience.

Inner power is also refuelled by an awareness of what actually motivates us e.g. love, fulfilment, achievements, goals and recognition. 

Deep inside every one of us is an innate essence, our heart, which is our True Self. When we are in conscious relationship with our True Self we feel empowered in our lives as we resource answers from within.

“I believe there is an inner power that makes winners or losers. And the winners are those who really listen to the truth of their hearts.”

Sylvester Stallone

From a physical sense:

In their book The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance, and Endurance, Greg Lemond  and Mark Hom speak of the important connection between diet, exercise and the human body. Mark refers to mitochondria (an organelle inside of cells that functions in energy production) as the masters of oxygen because they are able to use the reactivity of the oxygen molecule to turn food and body fat into the energy that our muscles can actually use. Lemond and Hom assert that In essence it is the mitochondria that generate our cells energy as an individual’s inner power.

When an individual is not empowered within their own being, they tend to try to resource or steal it from others and the perceived outside world. 

Robert Firestone Ph.D. in a paper titled The Human Experience speaks of covert and overt negative power. Reportedly, covert negative power which is founded in passive aggression, manifests in behaviours such as manipulation to arouse fear, guilt and anger in others. While overt negative power has aggressive tendencies and uses dominance and force to control others.

According to Robert Firestone Ph.D individuals who actively seek power through negative destructive means are usually avoiding psychological disturbance such as anger, narcissism, vanity and sociopathic tendencies. These individuals are overcompensating for perceived inadequacies and feelings of inferiority.

These unhealthy negative power dynamics entangle individuals in e.g. the Victim/Drama triangle until healing occurs.

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