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What really motivates us?

There are two main sources of motivation. Intrinsic motivation which refers to the internal factors that motivate us such as love and acceptance and extrinsic or external factors that motivates us such as achievements and money. 

Motivational Energy and Resilience!

Motivational energy is often referred to as an internal energy that moves, ‘motivates’ our behaviour towards, or away from something while resilience is referred to as our inner ability to bounce back after adversity.


In her research paper titled Resilience; The Power Within, Eileen Grafton (Gillespie & Henderson) brings motivational energy and resilience together when she refers to resilience not only as a set of characteristics such as patience, tolerance, adaptability but also as an innate energy or motivating life force within an individual which enables the individual to cope with adversity, to learn and  create change and to build more resilience.

We generally feel when our inner fuel tank of motivational energy or resilience is low and the red light can begin to flash on empty as we may have a shorter fuse, cope less well with life, feel fatigued, unmotivated, less resilient, more vulnerable to e.g. depression, unhealthy dynamics in relationships and so on. In our everyday lives we need to nurture ourselves a little so as to refuel.

Refuelling or Self Care strategies can be different for all of us and an awareness of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors is helpful. Meditating, going for a walk, time with family or friends, time alone, time to read a book or go fishing. Positive self talk and activities that give a sense of purpose, recognition and/or achievement are often very powerful.

It doesn’t take a scientific test to work out if our refuelling or a self care strategy has worked. We will simply feel better afterwards. It is important to be self responsible, to know how and to ensure that we do replenish our inner motivational energy and capacity for resilience. When un-replenished we can be vulnerable to unhealthy behaviours such as losing the motivation to care for ourselves (intrinsic) and e.g. not turning up to work on time (extrinsic), health issues and relationship challenges.  Inner power and power dynamics are also integrally linked to motivational energy and resilience.

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