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Given the oppportunity the body and mind have an innate capacity to heal from the effects of trauma and  return to healthy well being and  wholeness! 

Most of us have experienced what is known as the stress or trauma response at some time in our lives. In our nervous system we have a security system to keep this body safe and alive. There are two ways the trauma response works so we are able to escape from a threat and avoid harm. Firstly the fight or flight and if this is unsuccessful it can escalate to freeze and fold. It is an incredible healthy response used in the short term for safety and survival.

The Impact:  When the natural deactivation process of this trauma response is interupted and it remains activated and/or easily activated  we become traumatised. We are however able to heal from trauma. Without healing it can play a key role in anxiety, depression, PTSD and many other mental health difficulties as well as physical health problems such as chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, fibromyalgia, sleep problems and many others. Healing from trauma and its affects is so important for our emotional, mental and physical health, well being and empowerment.

In NatureOnce a threat has abated animals are able to do what is called the ‘shake off’ of this trauma response where the response is deactivated, the built up energy released and their nervous systems relaxes. In our humanity the ‘shake off’ is often interrupted and the response is remembered in our nervous system and can be stuck on ‘on’, or stuck on ‘off’, or often triggered by events, situations or encounters that may have a linking theme or energy. The pent up energy is stored in the body resulting in body armouring, musculature tension and psychological patterns that can endure for years and can lead to chronic conditions until the nervous system is supported to deactivate and uncoil.

A main focus for healing trauma and e.g. anxiety and depression is often with the mind. Even though support is needed for the mind, it is essential to also support the physical body to have the opportunity to naturally complete what has not been completed.

“Post traumatic stress symptoms are fundamentally incomplete physiological responses suspended in fear,” Peter Levine.

Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release Systems (BBTRS) is a powerful way to heal and is based in a new approach for healing trauma. BBTRS has been developed by Giton Tonkov and is founded in latest research in neurobiology and the wisdom and research of world leaders in trauma work such as Bessel van der Kolk and Stephen Porges. It is based Wilhelm Reich’s body orientated approach and the Peter Levine’s Trauma Healing Modality.

Healing: Even though BBTRS can be experienced as a one off introductory session it is designed as an integrated series to deactivate, heal, open, energise, and balance your whole being. Deep connected breathing, bodywork, movement, ‘felt sense’ and meditation supports your body’s natural process of healing. In a safe environment the combination of these techniques lead to deactivating the nervous system and releases long held tension and trauma from the body and mind. Healing opens the door to livinga healthy and empowered life.

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