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Loving kindness and understanding are ingredients of self compassion, which is the essential first step to take for any change, healing, growth and awakening to occur in our life.

So often we are vulnerable to think negatively about ourselves, to judge and criticise ourselves, however this only seems to trap us in the very patterns, dynamics and situations we hope to change, or be free from. Blame and judgement are not needed for the self responsibility which is necessary in empowerment. I wonder that self responsibility is instead fostered in self compassion!

The first step for change, healing, growth and awakening is to meet our self in the ‘here and now’ with loving kindness and understanding. Compassion immediately creates a safe field in which the body’s nervous system and mind’s defences can soften, relax and open. There is room in this space to acknowledge, embrace and heal wounds, trauma’s and fears.

“When we choose compassion for ourselves,  compassion for others naturally flows from our soft, open, kind and loving heart.”

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