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I have the capacity and power to create lasting positive change if I desire for things to be different to how they seem to be within myself, my relationships and my circumstances. Yet how?

Ingredients of change

  • Meet myself in the here and now with compassion and patience
  • Be open and honest with myself
  • Be willing to take self responsibility as this is born of love and essential in self empowerment
  • Let go of self judgment, criticism and blame as these are born of fear and trap me in old habits, patterns and dynamics
  • Desire the change I want
  • Choose to ‘allow’ myself to create change

To be aware

  • That it is my thoughts and beliefs that create how I feel and behave, not encounters, situations, events, even though these may impact upon me. My beliefs are the lenses I view myself and the world through.
  • This includes my subconscious beliefs often formed in childhood
  • If the change I desire is not manifesting usually there is a conflict between the conscious and subconscious beliefs. If so, I may behave in e.g. self sabotaging ways
  • Negative and fearful thoughts and beliefs steal my motivational energy and inner power leaving me without fuel to create change
  • Relationships and the world can be my mirror to help me see subconscious fears, patterns, dynamics and wounds.
  • That desiring and focussing on the change I want can flush up beliefs and wounds that do not resonate with my desire. This actually means I am right on track and presents an opportunity to heal what stirs from the subconscious so as it may be healed. This in turn will lead to lasting change.
  • That ‘trying’ to make change is futile as trying and striving are born of fear and will trap me
  • That I may be fearful of the unknown and this is why I often hold onto beliefs, patterns and habits that I have long outgrown
  • That my nervous system may not be deactivated from past trauma and support may be needed for this.


  • To reflect deeply upon what I truly want as it may not be what first presents to the mind. What I truly want will arise from the depths of my heart and there will be a sense of knowingness.
  • Real change begins from within me. I can be the change!
  • There may be a journey to take within my own consciousness, so one step at a time
  • Change occurs all of the time, everything is evolving, it is inevitable and ceaseless.
  • Accepting me just as I am in my humanity is the doorway to allowing real change to occur.

I have the power within me to create lasting positive change!

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