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Our world has changed and it continues to change at a rapid pace and for this we may find ourselves feeling e.g. anxious, stressed, overwhelmed and grieving. How do we meet this time of great change, how do we cope, process and heal?

Please know that experiencing times where you may feel e.g. anxious is a very normal response to a very abnormal situation, pandemic COVID19. Our nervous systems are activated as there is threat present, to our lives, livelihoods, health and well being. Click here to find out more about how your nervous system works to protect you. Grief is a natural, yet often challenging process to loss and change. There can be a whole range emotions and experiences as we grieve, there are things that hinder our grieving process and things that support us, click here to find out more.

What is essential at present!

It is essential to have healthy ways to process the emotional and psychological impact of the sudden changes that are affecting us all. Healthy ways of processing our emotions and fears are;

  • Expressing yourself to another or through a means such as painting, craft, music, tinkering in the shed
  • Exercise
  • Tears

There are also unhealthy ways such as drug and alcohol use, unhealthy eating habits e.g. overeating, venting it at another e.g. yelling, behaving recklessly e.g. driving fast and so on. If you notice yourself behaving differently check in with how you are doing, if you notice someone close to you behaving differently especially children check on them, do not assume they are just being e.g. naughty because they may be feeling overwhelmed and not coping.

The Empowerment Strategy is a very effective way for you to process what you are experiencing. Please click here for it.

Our thoughts and beliefs at present play a very important role. Click here for further information and here are some options, some healthy choices at present if you are house-bound.

Unhealthy negative/fearful thought/belief Healthy constructive though/belief
I can’t do anything, I’m stuck indoors I have time to relax, be with my family and catch up on a few things
I’m going to get really sick I can care for myself and promote my own health and well being and seek medical support if needed.
There’s nothing I can do about it I can care for myself and those around me. I can choose how I look at this situation and doing things that support myself
We may run out of things we need I will shop and use things wisely so there is plenty for myself and others

What will also support me!

  • Eat healthily in a way that supports your immune system, and drink plenty of water
  • Get plenty of quality sleep
  • Be creative to ensure adequate movement and exercise
  • Stay connected to your natural support networks using the phone or the internet
  • Keep an eye out for others that may have little support, give them a call
  • Attend to your ‘self care’ and this can be different for all of us. There are the things that refuel our motivational energy and consequentially our resilience e.g. read a book, soak in a bath, talk to a friend (yes by phone or other online means if necessary), meditate etc. Click here to find out more
  • Have a healthy routine
  • While housebound there may be those little odd jobs that you have never had time for, now you do. Have some time in the day where you can be a little industrious e.g. cook, paint, garden, clean out the garden shed etc
  • Be aware and up to date with present news, yet be mindful to not over expose yourself. You will need reprieve from it and regulate the flood of information to prevent overwhelm

Supporting yourself now can prevent becoming traumatized. Remember to have compassion for ourselves and others. Click here to discover more about why compassion is so powerful.

Remember that support is always available to you through Face to Face support  with appropriate social distancing or through Telehealth. There are also concessions if you are experiencing financial hardship because of COVID19.

“We have the capacity to meet great change, suffering and sorrow with compassion and courage.

We have the capacity to grieve, heal, adapt and grow.

We have the capacity to arise again and grow!”