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Qualified and registered counselling with Kate Macnamara

BA Couns. Dip.Prof.Couns. MASC(Ad.CS) BSYA(Mn) MACA

Are You

Tired of old patterns repeating? Having relationship difficulties?
Feeling stressed? Struggling with anxiety?
Having difficulty coping? Feeling depressed?
Needing support? Wanting to create change?

Imagine what it would be like to

Feel confident and empowered
Feel relaxed with a sense of inner peace
Enjoy fulfilling relationships
Live an inspired life

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Jesmry Counselling Services offers professional, confidential, holistic counselling, mentoring and support for:

Fears and anxiety
Workplace issues
Defusing debriefing
Trauma and abuse
Coping with illness
Loss and grief

Healing past emotional wounds and trauma
Effective communication
Confidence and self esteem building
Holistic self care/relaxation
Self discovery/awareness

Kate also facilitates:

Workshops and Retreats and specializes in deep transformational healing drawing on a holistic approach.


Make an Appointment

Contact Kate today on (02) 6043 1232 or email kate@jesmry.com.au.

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6pm. Out of hours appointments are available upon request, however need to be arranged in office hours. The answering machine is often on when Kate is in session so please clearly leave your name and number so your call can be returned.

The Jesmry Counselling office is located in Thurgoona, Albury, Australia.

Returning Home by Kate Macnamara

Out of her own desperate Search for healing, Kate discovers the psychological and mystical truths that allow true healing and spiritual awakening. During a powerful mystical event she experience the reality of the true self as pure love and light in union with the Divine. In this moment she feels a deep calling to heal and awaken so she can be of service and support to others in their healing and awakening.

Her healing journey taker her into her deepest wounds and fears to release the layers that hide the true self. As she journeys within herself she also travels through countries such as Egypt, France, Israel, Turkey and Bali where she attends powerful retreats and visits ancient sites.

Kate also discovers that as Mother Earth is shaking and shifting the ‘time is now’ to heal and awaken from ego consciousness to Unity consciousness. The old epoch is ending; it is time to welcome the new.

Watch the wonderful book trailer

Kate’s book “Returning Home” is now available at book stores and through Amazon (email kate@jesmry.com.au).

The Jalan Cinta Sanctuary

A new sanctuary for spiritual growth, healing, and training is crystalizing out of a vision – and the birth is imminent! The intention is to create a palpably conscious and beautiful space, dedicated to loving our humanity and living our divinity

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